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Customer Reviews for AutoLinkUSA

Eric Kerstetter - 2017 Mercedes GLE350

I've worked in the auto industry for over a decade, working with some of the nation's largest auto dealer groups.  I know what to expect during their car buying experience and was a bit concerned about what to expect from AutoLinkUSA after finding the exact car I wanted.  The experience was better than I could have ever imagined, I was in and out within 30 minutes and both Claude and Esther were absolutely fantastic!  I highly recommend AutoLink USA for your next vehicle.  

Brandon Blyth - 2015 BMW M5

I'm loving the M5.  It's a beast and so much fun to drive.  It's a car I have wanted for a long time and it's been fun to check that box.  Thank you for a nice ride and professional service.  Maybe we'll do business again in the near future. 

Paul Vogt - 2017 Audi S5 Convertible

After looking for many months, I came across the exact car I wanted at AutolinkUSA this past May. I was hesitant at first given Autolink USA is not a large corporate dealer, but my experience with Claude and Esther was extraordinary. They focus on quality cars and exceptional customer service. The entire process was easy and actually refreshing as there was never any pressure. I felt like a family friend as they went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. I will definitely go back to Claude and Esther when it comes time for another vehicle and I would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from AutolinkUSA. 

Solange and Leonardo Inghlilleri - 2016 Mercedes E400 Coupe

We purchased our first car from AutolinkUSA this past May. Our experience with
Claude and Esther was excellent. Their showroom is inviting, the quality of the cars
reflect the expertise and passion of Claude, who only stocks exceptional cars. The
transaction itself was smooth and easy, Claude and Esther provided all the necessary
financing information and we were on our way with our new Mercedes in about an hour.
I would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from AutolinkUSA. Great value and
excellent customer service! Thank you!

Ramon Vina - 2015 Mercedes S550

I am 87 years old and have bought and sold my share of cars (16-18) in my  life.  My main concern always was, "did I pay too much or did I not ask enough for my car"?  After much looking on the internet, by chance I came across AutoLinkUSA.  They had the exact car that I was looking for in model and color.  The price was very fair and the offer on my trade-in was also very fair.  On my second visit I drove home my in "new" car.  If I ever buy another car, I'll save a lot of time an go straight to AutoLinkUSA.  Also, it was a
very personal experience. 

Bill Elam - 2014 Mercedes S550

I wish to recommend without any reservation AutoLink for a high end automobile purchase.

This past May I purchased my third vehicle from that entity, and have enjoyed interacting with Esther and Claude.  Not only was the purchase easy and pleasant, it was likely the quickest and least stressful purchase of a vehicle in many years. Both Esther and Claude are not only professional but almost like family.

They made auto buying the least difficult of anyone with whom I have dealt with over the years.

I actually do not mind traveling from North Carolina as they are so easy to interact with.

I highly endorse both Esther and Claude.

Bill Elam

Todd - 2015 Mercedes E400 Convertible

Dealing with Claude and Autolink USA was a pleasure. When I walked into the showroom, the array of
high-end vehicles were impeccably shined and beautifully arrayed.  I think the quality of the vehicles on
the lot is a particular source of pride.  Claude was knowledgeable about the cars, and was able to point
out the quality in the details.  But it was not a hard sell, and that made it very comfortable.  Ultimately,
the Mercedes I choose was well-maintained, in great condition, and fairly priced.  I would definitely do
business with Autolink again. 

Jamie Borghardt - 2016 Audi A5 Convertible

What a great experience! I had been shopping the internet for a few months and one day my dream car popped up at AutoLink. I went to check it out and made my decision to buy it in less than an hour. But as it was nearing the last day of the year, Claude advised I wait a couple of days because the tax would likely go down with the new year. That was hard...I really didn't like leaving without that car! But it was worth the wait. Everything was so simple and I feel like I got a really great car for a price that fit my budget. I couldn't be happier. 

Michael and Larissa daugherty - 2014 Ford Focus

Purchased our third car from AutoLinkUSA and as always an easy smooth transaction.  Claude and Esther were able to answer all of our questions and we got what I feel was a great car for our daughter for a reasonable price.

Blake Smith - 2014 BMW M6

Esther and Claude were a pleasure to do business with.  My father owns a Ford dealership so I've always been spoiled when purchasing autos.  Buying from AutolinkUSA was as easy, if not easier than buying from my own family (don't tell my family that though).  They worked with my bank of choice (like myself, over 2.5 hours away), minimal paperwork at day of purchase, and even took care of my tag, so it was delivered straight to my house.  I can tell they buy only the best autos (clean Carfax/history, excellent condition, great color combos and options, etc.), and they keep them in an indoor showroom away from the harsh outside environment.  There are very few dealers that have my trust, but AutolinkUSA is definitely on that short list of those that I can trust.

Jeff Bowman - 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo

Buying a used car that you have never seen over the internet seemed pretty intimidating.  Spending over $75,000 on a three-year old Porsche Panamera Turbo that was 1,400 away was downright scary.  Until I talked with Esther.  For whatever reason, she immediately put me at ease and seamlessly arranged every detail until the car showed up at my door in a covered transport.  As for the car, flawless and beautiful; everything I hoped it would be.  I am now contacting her about a car for my wife.

Barnard Watt - 2014 Chrysler 200 Convertible

 Traded in a car for this beautiful 2014 Chrysler 200 Convertible.  I absolutely love this car.  It was a pleasure dealing with both Claude and Ester in this transaction.  Very professional and personable people to work with.  I would highly recommend dealing with their dealership if they have the vehicle you are looking for!  My wife and I are totally enjoying top down cruising in our vehicle.

Bradley Holt - 2016 Mercedes S550

If you're looking for a newer, low mile, used/offlease luxury car AutoLinkUSA is the place you want to go!  All cars are kept in a secure warehouse and you receive the type of customer service you would expect to receive at a luxury dealership!  AutoLinkUSA is a family owned and operated business with an honest approach to car sales! Very satisfied customer.

Angela Spangler - 2006 Lexus SC430

I always approach a auto purchase with some apprehension. After searching online for my next convertible, I stumbled upon Autolink's website and found what appeared to be exactly the car I was looking for. A quick conversation with Claude and his description convinced me to take a closer look. When I arrived, the car was exactly as described, in-fact better than the description. A fair deal and one hour later, I'm heading home with the top down. I will shop Claude and Ester first for my next car. All the inventory was 1st class and the service was even better. Thanks.

Mark Peret - 2014 Porsche Panamera

"I am from Michigan and AutoLinkUSA is in Georgia. I never imagined I would buy a car without seeing it or seeing the seller. But that's what I did and couldn't be happier. Car was in perfect cosmetic condition, transaction was painless, car transported to my door. And what I received was exactly what Claude and Esther told me I will. Would definitely recommend!"

Marie Corrigan - 2014 Mercedes E350 Convertible

Esther and Claude, thank you so much for finding my car!  I love it!  A Silver Mercedes E350 convertible was just what I was looking for! I really appreciate your commitment to superior customer service. You both are a pleasure to work with!

Michael Simmons - 2013 Cherolet Corvette

I wanted to send a short note letting you know how pleased we are with the 2013 Corvette Convertible we recently purchased from you. Thanks for representing the condition of the car honestly, being pleasant to deal with and arranging prompt delivery of our vehicle. We would not hesitate to contact you in the future on another vehicle.

Cheryl Hillman - 2015 BMW 528i

I'd like to say that buying and selling a car with AutolinkUSA was a wonderful experience for me!  This is the third car we have bought with Esther and Claude - my husband and I bought two cars a few years ago, and now that I am on my own I knew just where to turn when I wanted to buy one for myself.  I knew they would take care of me and that I would get the best deal - Claude sold my SUV for top dollar and in a swift time frame!  I told him what car I wanted - he made a recommendation for a car that suited me better - and he looked around for the best deal with low mileage.  I love my BMW 528i - Claude and Esther did a great job - I only wish I needed more cars as I am sure I will have this one for a very long time.

Jeff Bentley - 2014 Porsche Panamera S

Me and my wife are very pleased with our 2014 Porsche Panamera S. It was a pleasure to deal with Claude and Esther. This was the first time when buying a car it was not a hassle or waste of time. I feel we got a fair price on our car and got a fair deal on our car we traded in. I would highly recommend buying your car from AutoLinkUSA!!

Marcus Dunn - 2014 BMW 535i

After being referred by my father to AutoLinkUSA, all it took was one phone call. I called and spoke with Claude and shared with him the type of vehicle I was in search for and he was very sure to ask for every specific detail before beginning his search. A vehicle that I had much difficulty finding, Claude located and called me with the vehicle that we discussed very promptly. I was amazed at the supreme quality of the vehicle once I was able to see it in person. AutoLinkUSA is a great place to anyone searching for top quality vehicles with professional staff service.

John - 2013 BMW 328

I feel like I know Claude and Esther since I have perused their website in detail. They have a great business reputation and interesting bios as well.  I am glad I lucked onto the website as we get a Lexus every four to six years from a dealer and have been less than pleased locally with their operation. I like the family business with the two of them and will stay in touch when we need to trade. I think we want to try a Porsche Panamera. I wish we had met them years ago. 

Carnell - 2014 Mercedes GL450

AutoLinkUSA luxury cars are carefully selected, clean and reasonably 
priced.  This is the second car I have purchased from them and my wife and I 
are still in AWE of our recent purchase, a 2014 Mercedes GL450.  Claude and 
Esther are very knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy.  They always gave 
me suggestions and advice which made my decision easier.  I would without 
hesitation recommend AutoLinkUSA to all of my relatives and friends.  On a 
scale of 1-10, I would definitely give them a 10.  We are so HAPPY with our 
recent purchase!  Thanks!

Carnell - 2014 Mercedes GL 450

Juan Luna - 2013 Mercedes S550

I am so happy with my 2013 S550. I thank you very very much Claude and Esther de Fontaine. You are what you say for sure! Character, integrity and people of honor. I will purchase again whenever I need another car and definitely recommend AutoLinkUSA to everyone.

Joe B. - 2009 Toyota Tundra

My son loves his truck. He is one happy kid. He sat in the truck in the garage yesterday evening and listened to the radio and did his homework for hours. My neighbor thought it was brand new. Thanks again for your help and a great buying experience. Joe

Tanisha - 2007 Audi S8

What a wonderful experience it was buying my husbands dream car, from AutoLinkUSA. My husband has very little time so when we found the car on the website, we made a very smoothe transaction within a few hours and picked up the car that evening. The car was in such great condition and it was everything and more, of how it was detailed on the website. The owners are very professional and helped us expedite the process while not interfering w/ my husbands busy schedule. I just felt like there is no other way to purchase a new car. AutoLink, does their research before consigning a car, so there fore, there are less problems w/ the buyer on back end. I strongly suggest if you are looking to purchase a luxury car, to only use AutoLink USA. Thanks, Tanisha

Richard - 2005 Lexus LS430

I've purchased two vehicles from AutoLinkUSA in Marietta. The first - a 1995 Lexus LS400 - I drove from 1998 until April of this year, when I purchased a 2005 LS430. Both transactions went well. The cars were in fine shape and reasonably priced, and doing business with Esther and Claude was a pleasure. I'll be back in another 10-15 years. Richard B

Vince - 2013 BMW 335i Convertible

Autolink does not resemble other used car dealerships. Physically, it is in a first class office building tucked away in a tree lined area away from the main highway in Marietta. The offices of Claude and Esther lead to the enclosed showroom in the back, containing around 40 premium automobiles. These 40 cars are representative of what Claude can obtain. My wife originally selected a blue 2013 BMW 335 which they had in stock. However, she changed her mind in favor of a black/leather one. Claude had one on the train inbound from California! Esther told me all about it-had EVERYTHING. Claude and I negotiated for all of two minutes and the smile has yet to leave my face from when I picked it up four days later. The car was perfect. Brand new tires and Claude had filled the license plate holes in front as we don't need them in Florida. It's just the two of them. No sales people. Claude loves cars and Esther is a delightful lady who knows her way through the paperwork. I recommend them to my friends and look forward to purchasing my next car from them.

Michael Fugate - 2014 Lexus GX460

Many thanks to Esther for making the Lexus GX460 purchase clean and seamless. She was accommodating to my own review process of having the vehicle checked to my satisfaction and did a fine job with following up with me regarding some outstanding items. I love the car and would not hesitate to come back when I am again looking for a vehicle.

Teresa Henderson - 2012 Land Rover Range Rover

Thank you so much for your superb and outstanding assistance with our car purchase. The service provided by you and Claude was deeply appreciated. It definitely made our car purchase experience stress free. I love my Range Rover and we look forward to you providing us with assistance in the future. I am referring to you my friends and family.

Greg Smith - 2013 Lexus LS460

I recently purchased an auto from Auto Link USA. The experience was enjoyable. I was given the opportunity to take the car and let my mechanic see it. There was no pressure and it was a low key event. I would definitely come back and would recommend them to anyone looking for a pre-owned luxury auto. Greg Smith

Roger Taylor - 2006 Jaguar van den Plas

I recently purchased a car from Claude and Esther, and as always it was a pleasant and easy process. They run their business honestly and with high integrity, and I know any car they sell me will be as represented. I would recommend them to anyone considering the purchase of a nearly new luxury car.

Jason Rothbard - 2012 Nissan Xterra

I've been driving my 2012 X-Terra that I purchased from AutoLinkUSA for about 6 weeks now and I really enjoy it. I had been looking for a late model, low mileage X-Terra for quite some time when I found the AutoLinkUSA advertisement for the X-Terra that I had been searching for. I immediate called the number on the expertly organized and user-friendly website and spoke directly with Esther on the phone. She was incredibly kind, courteous and helpful when she invited me to their showroom to check out and test drive the X-Terra. As I pulled up to their store, the shining X-Terra was waiting for me out front, keys in the ignition, waiting for me to jump-in and take hit for a spin. I did and I loved it. Working with Esther and Claude to close the deal was the easiest and most enjoyable car-buying experience that I've ever had. Next time I'm in need of a car, AutoLinkUSA will be my first phone call - guaranteed.

Sylvester Hubbard - 2014 Audi A8L

Really enjoy the car. Everything on the car is just right. I've checked online road test to see the car is well put together. Dealing with AutoLinkUSA was a pleasure. Very trustworthy family. They promised me floor mats after I purchased the car. I drove down from Ohio to buy the car. They could have promised and not delivered. However, they followed through on everything including the paperwork. I gladly tell others about my experience.

William Clarke - 2005 Lexus LS430

I recently purchased a Lexus 430 from AautoLinkUSA and was most pleasantly surprised with the owners of this establishment. First of all, I was a little suspect of finding an auto on highway 41 across from Dobbins. However, the cars are housed in a large building that is clean and neat. The luxury type autos that they deal with is impressive and all are checked out and detailed perfect Claude and Esther are friendly people and extremely efficient in the whole process including the tag paperwork. I would recommend them to my friends and anyone else seeking an upscale auto.

Zack Vrtis - 2014 Jeep Wrangler

Dear Claude and Esther, Every time I ride in my new Wrangler, I love it even more! I couldn't have asked for a cooler first car or for a better purchasing experience. This is the second car that my family has bought from you, and I know that we will be back when we need another one! Thank you again for all of your help, and I look forward to working with you again soon! Sincerely, Zack

R. Bridgemohan - 2011 Land Rover Range Rover

TO ALL YOU CAR BUYERS OUT THERE, LOOK NO FURTHER IF YOUR READING THIS! This may sound cliche but I must say I never ever write testimonials for anyone. However I had to take some time out to tell what a wonderful experience I had with AutoLink USA. I have bought many cars in my life and never have I had such a pleasant experience at a dealership. Claude & Esther de Fontaine are some of the nicest people I've ever dealt with in general. They are very catering to your needs and make sure all your questions and concerns are taken care of. They never try to "sell" you anything. The cars they have sell themselves. They are all kept indoors and priced at great values. I also had a trade in which they provided top dollar for! I highly recommend Autolink USA, trust me you will not regret it! Rishi Bridgemohan

Randall - 2011 Lexus LS460 Sport

Esther was very nice to work with. We had been searching for a Lexus LS for about a month. Autolink had one we were interested in. We emailed Esther several times and she was very courteous and quick to respond and answered all my questions. Finally after deciding to purchase we called and spoke with Esther and work out the deal on the phone. We drove from Lexington KY to pick up the vehicle. The vehicle was as nice in person as they advertised it to be. We were very happy with the whole process and the quality of vehicles they carry is top of the line. We would buy from them again and highly recommend them.

David Barry - 2011 BMW X5 3.5

I recently acquired my third BMW from AutoLink USA. Working with Esther and Claude is a pleasure. They're knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. If you're in the market for a late model used luxury car AutoLink is your answer.

Robert James - 2008 Mercedes S550

This is the second car we have purchased from AutoLink. Each time, Claude and Esther have been a pleasure to work with. There is never any pressure to purchase. The cars are in very good shape with complete records. we have recommended several of our friends to AutoLink and some have found their dream car, as we have. Great experience!

King Grant - 2011 Lexus RX350

Thanks Claude and Esther for another great car. The Lexus rx350 is our 5th purchase and is just wonderful. You are the The best. King Grant

Don G. - 2008 Mercedes CLK350

I was lucky meet Claude and Ester in 1999. I purchased a '97 Lexus from them after shopping many other dealers, private owners, etc....... The car was perfect! Claude and Ester are class acts. Their cars are immaculate, great prices and the buying experience is like visiting good friends. I just recently bought a 2nd car from them, 2008 CLK 350 Convertible. Again, the car is immaculate extremely low mileage. I get compliments on the car often! I always recommend them whenever I hear someone looking for a luxury car. I hope they don't retire before I'm ready for my next car!

Patty Willis - 2010 Lexus LS460

After extensive research for a preowned Lexus LS 460, I made the field trip to Marietta to see what appeared to be just what I had hoped to find. Though I was impressed by Claude's professionalism and overall personality, I still made myself visit other dealers to inspect their inventory for comparison. What I found was there actually was no comparison! Autolink's inventory of pre-owned vehicles, though not extensive, but pristine in condition. I purchased a 2010 model with low mileage, immaculate condition, unique color combination, a very fair price for my trade in as well as a very fair price for the Lexus. This vehicle had every single maintenance record also. There was never a sense of urgency to purchase conveyed from this dealer nor any pressure whatsover. There was no verbal selling from this dealer. Their inventory and great values speak loudly for themselves. Both Claude and his wife Esther that run this dealership are total class and just good, honest people. I would absolutely recommend Autolink if in the market for a late model, luxury vehicle!

Patty Willis - 2010 Lexus LS460

After extensive research for a preowned Lexus LS 460, I made the field trip to Marietta to see what appeared to be just what I had hoped to find. Though I was impressed by Claude's professionalism and overall personality, I still made myself visit other dealers to inspect their inventory for comparison. What I found was there actually was no comparison! Autolink's inventory of pre-owned vehicles, though not extensive, but pristine in condition. I purchased a 2010 model with low mileage, immaculate condition, unique color combination, a very fair price for my trade in as well as a very fair price for the Lexus. This vehicle had every single maintenance record also. There was never a sense of urgency to purchase conveyed from this dealer nor any pressure whatsover. There was no verbal selling from this dealer. Their inventory and great values speak loudly for themselves. Both Claude and his wife Esther that run this dealership are total class and just good, honest people. I would absolutely recommend Autolink if in the market for a late model, luxury vehicle!

Don McCorkle - 2009 Lexus LS460

This is the second car I have bought from Claude and Esther at Autolink. I traded the first for the second, best prices coming and going. They are fair, reliable and trustworthy. I have recomended them to my children.

Faisal Pothiawala - 2009 BMW 750li

I bought this car on June 30th, 2012 and it's a 2009 BWM 7 series from Auto Link USA. The person I dealt with is Claude. He was very nice and polite. And he was very truthful. I have a lot of experience in the past to deal with small and big dealers, but this is the best, smooth, and easy car buying experience that I've ever had. I will strongly recommend this to all of my acquaintances.

Roger Taylor - 2008 BMW 328i

I recently purchased a BMW 328i from Claude and Esther. This is the 4th car I have bought from them over a period of 12 years, and I have been extremely pleased with each purchase. The cars have all been solid, trouble-free and in like-new condition. Claude and Esther are quick to help if any questions arise, and can even suggest good places to take the cars for routine service and upgrades. Claude and Esther are very easy to work with, you can trust what they tell you, and they do not try to pressure you into buying a car before you are ready to do so. Buying from them is a very different, and refreshing, experience when compared to a typical auto retailer.

Steve Lee - 2009 Lexus LS460

I purchased my 2009, Lexus LS460 from this dealer. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience. I've bought many cars in my lifetime and no dealer has come close to a more excellent experience. After driving my car for about a month now, no issues whatsoever which makes me very happy! I've always been skeptical about buying used cars, but my Lexus rides like it has never been driven. Smooth! I would definitely come back here for another car and refer others to them. Thanks Claude and Esther!

Larry Mealor - 2008 Lexus LS460

I just purchased my forth car from AutoLinkUSA and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire bying experience! Claude and his team have always gone to great lenghts to find the right vehicle I was searching for and their cars are always in excellent condition! Buying from AutoLinkUSA lets me drive a high-end luxury car for the price of a new Buick! You simply can't beat their prices anywhere! Claude, I am a customer for life!

Jerry Bradshaw - 2008 BMW 750li

My wife and I recently purchased a BMW 750li and found Esther and Claude to be most helpful, friendly, and courteous. We discovered an issue with a tire after we were back home in TN, and it was resolved readily. Claude's instructions about the key were "priceless", and we are thoroughly enjoying our vehicle.

Jerry Brantley - 2008 Lexus LS460

We love it, we love it and we love it. I have always purchased Toyota's in the past and we lost a family member when we traded our Avalon, but we are really enjoying the Lexus. I get to wash it on weekend and drive it to church and maybe out to lunch as well. We are still learning about all the things this car will do for us. It was a great deal and a fair price for your car. I had been looking locally for a while before I found you on Autotrader.com. The lexus is in excellent condition. The low mileage really helped us decide to purchase it, compared to what other dealers were trying to sell us. I want to thank Claude and Esther for working to helping us with my phone calls and questions before driving over to Marietta. You made buying this car really easy for us and we appreciate your time and effort. I would recommend your business to anyone looking to purchase a luxury car. I know this one will last us a long time, but who knows, we may be looking for another car some day and I will give you a call.

Cynthia Sellers - 2008 BMW 535i

AutoLinkUSA is the best place to buy a luxury vehicle. They specialize in low mileage quality vehicles. We have purchased several cars from them over the years and have never had a problem with any of the vehicles. When we are in the market for vehicles, AutoLinkUSA is the place. We do not shop anywhere else.

Sumir Bedi - 2008 BMW 328i

Claude and Patty Absolutely Fantastic!!!! Trustworthy people to deal with. Whole buying experience from A TO Z was so independent (without presssure), no typical traits of salesmanship as you see at other places. Claude is so transparent and crystal clear in whole process, that you will feel confident about your decision. He is a methodical and process oriented person. He will make sure you dont miss out on something in whole process of buying, right from selection of car to paperwork. He will go the extra mile and do what ever it takes to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your purchase. I felt like I am buying a car from one of my family members. BTW I bought BMW 3-Series Convertible from them.

Frank and Barbara Bolick - 2008 Mercedes ML350

My wife and I have purchased 3 cars from Claude and Esther over the last 9 years, two Mercedes and one BMW. They are the best and easiest to work with in finding the exact car you want. On two occasions, BMW and Mercedes, they had exactly what we wanted in stock. On the other occasion they didn't have exactly the color Mercedes we wanted in stock, but within two weeks Claude found us exactly what we wanted. They are the best!

Joe Brasher - 2008 BMW 550i

Just a short note to let you know that I am throughly pleased with the BMW 550i and with the excellent service provided attendant to its sale. I am absolutely delighted with the vehicle and, as you said, it is in perfect condition. I shopped around before I bought the car, and I saved thousands of dollars compared to the prices I was quoted by BMW dealers in Atlanta, Athens and Macon. I would also note that the car I purchased from AutoLinkUSA was in much better condition -inside and out- than any of the dealer vehicles I looked at (over a dozen).

Peter Lorenz - 2008 Lexus LS460

Doing business with AutoLinkUSA was a very pleasant surprise for us. Fair, friendly and professional. We will definitely return to AutoLinkUSA for our next luxury car purchase.

Marie Johnson - 2007 Mercedes E350

It was a "pleasure" to deal with, Esther, Claude and Patty when purchasing my new car. I can appreciate the upfront communication and not the back and forth that you get with larger dealerships. There was no pressure and all my questions were answered up front. I did not get the run around at all. I will come back to AutoLinkUSA for future purchases and have recommanded AutoLinkUSA to others as well. Thank you again!

R. David Craig - 2007 BMW 750li

AutoLink has been my dealer of choice for the past 12 years. My family has purchased 11 cars during this period and not only are they a pleasure to work with through the search and sales process, they continue to be of assistance in every way after the sale. The team at AutoLink is simply the best!

W. Craig Chason - 2006 Lexus LS430

Just a quick message to let you know that this was absolutely the best car buying experience I have EVER had! I stated type of car, color and options and you found one within 10 days and I am now driving it. The price was very attractive and you handled all administrative issues. I will definitely be a repeat buyer. Patty, Esther, Reggie and Claude are all true professionals. I like AutoLinkUSA and the philosophy you support! You folks are a quantum leap above any car dealership. This is the way to buy a luxury car

Jackie Lee - 2005 BMW 330cic

I purchased a BMW 330cic from AutoLinkUSA in March of 2008. It was th easiest transaction I have experienced. I just wanted to let everybody know, based on my experience I gladly recommend my friends and family that are looking for a luxury vehicle to AutoLInkUSA.

Jack Goger - 2006 Lexus LS430

I has been one year since I purchased my second car from AutoLinkUSA. I held the first, an Infiniti Q45, for six years and enjoyed it thoroughly. The Lexus LS430 which I bought last spring has exceeded my expectations. Working with both Claude and Esther was a pleasure and made the right choice for me a snap. I will be back. Can not imagine buying a car anywhere else.

Tom Fitzgerald - 2008 Lexus GX470

I recently purchased a vehicle from AutoLinkUSA and wanted to say that I was extremely satisfied with the entire process. Claude and Esther were friendly, fair and professional. I would absolutely recommend AutoLinkUSA and will certainly be back the next time I am in the market for a car purchase.

Jim Palermo - 2005 Lexus LS430

Just a short note to express my appreciation for working with me and for making my recent Lexus LS430 auto purchase an enjoyable experience. Your approach of 'listening' and finding the type of vehicle desired, coupled with absolutely no pressure was a pleasant experience. Your patience allowed me to become more comfortable with my decision and it was greatly appreciated. Clearly, I feel I received great value at a fair price and would gladly recommend AutoLinkUSA to anyone considering an executive vehicle.

Andy Goldstrom - 2006 BMW 335cic

Claude/Esther/Patty, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for a very positive experience working with you and your team. I really like the car and am glad I choose the premium package over the sport model. Your creativity and responsiveness were much appreciated. A couple of small items needed to be fixed, but they were all covered by the warranty. I have been approached by a couple of folks (some who know me and some who don't) about the car and where I got it. I am not hesitating giving out your names as a reference. Take care and thanks again.

Dean Kolbinsky - 2006 Lexus LS430

A great business is hard to keep a secret. After I bought my car through AutoLinkUSA, my two brothers wanted to 'get in' on it. They both bought a beautiful Lexus at a beautiful price. I've sent a few knowledgeable, "sophisticated" shoppers by the showroom and they purchased cars. That says something. Its all about "Quality and Value" at AutoLinkUSA. I recently visited a friend who was proudly showing off his spectacular new Mercedes and being elusive about where he had acquired it. 'I know people', he said. '...Claude and Esther?', I asked. He reacted both surprised and disappointed that I knew his secret. Then we both smiled, acknowledging each other's good fortune. Claude and Esther are superb! They provide the friendly and efficient service that makes their operation flawless. It DOES pay to 'know people'.

Todd Lavelle - 2007 Mercedes S550

I have had the pleasure of working with AutoLink over the past several years. I always wanted an AMG S-Class Mercedes but could not justify pulling into the Mercedes dealership and signing on a new model and I was a skeptic about buying one of their trades from a salesman who knew less about the models than I did. Somehow I stumbled on Claude at AutoLink. Claude made certain that I not only looked at the S-Class but explained the other makes, models, features, pros and cons of all the similar vehicles in similar class. Comparing owner Claude de Fontaine's experience and passion with high end automobiles is simiar to Chef Emeril Lagasse cooking up a dish in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bottom line is that they are both tops in their industry. I personally have a passion for great cars, great value and great service. If you are looking for all three give Claude and his wife Esther a call. You won't be disappointed. I am typically very hesitant about referring anyone to buy anything, not to mention a product that may cost $50,000. I have to say that I have referred several of my friends to AutoLink and everyone called me after they bought their new dream car and said thanks.

Sean Mabe - 2006 BMW 745li

My purchase of a 745li from, Auto Link USA was so easy and pleasant. They found me exactly what I wanted and at a great price with excellent customer service."

April and John Miller - 2007 Mercedes E350

Every car my husband and I have purchased in the last 15 years has been from AutoLink. We love them all so much that we still have three of them. The next car we purchase will be from AutoLink as well

Luke Leonaitis - 2007 Porsche Boxster

Thanks for all the assistance on my most recent purchase of the Porsche Boxter. When Liliane made a little scratch in the console after we took the car home, you graciously had your detailer buff it out at no charge and completely redetailed the car at the same time! I've enjoyed all the cars I purchased from you over the years and have always found them to be a great value and in showroom condition. It sure makes sense buying from you instead of new.

Maurice Drake - 2007 BMW X5

Its the best car buying experience I have ever had! So much so that I have purchased 3 cars from AutoLinkUSA over the last 8 yrs. Each time I got the exact car I wanted at the right price, right mileage and right warranty. EXCELLENT Deal! I have recommended AutoLinkUSA to my friends. They have purchased 4 cars as well (one of them from as far as Mississippi). I have not found a better deal. That is why I will continue to purchase from Claude and Esther. One other impressive fact: AutoLinkUSA is the only dealership I have visited that keeps 100% of the inventory in a climate-controlled warehouse. How is that for pampering a vehicle.

Mary Anne Dreyden - 2007 Lexus LS460

We are thrilled with our Lexus. A real joy to drive!

Karl Helping - 2006 BMW 645ci

I have bought several luxury cars from Claude and Esther at AutoLinkUSA. Their car buying experience is something that I rely on. I don't have time to look around endlessly. They specialize in finding the best cars available. It is nice to have a great car connection. I have come to trust the way they do business. I plan to have them find my dream cars in the future. Good Job! and Thanks!

Jessica Karpas - 2008 Mercedes ML350

As a single female looking to buy a car I would go to no other place but AutoLinkUSA. Claude found me the exact car which fit my needs and best of all at a great price. They were extremely efficient from the detailing of the car to organizing the tag and title. The staff really cares about you and your car long after the sale has been done. That I really appreciated. I look forward to my next purchase at AutoLinkUSA

Rocky Costa - 2006 Lexus LS430

Dear Claude and Esther, I would like to thank you for your help in purchasing my last two vehicles. If anybody asks I would be more than happy to share with them my confidence in dealing with your group. Being a Financial Planner buying a pre-owned, high-quality vehicle is the best economical route to go.

Ralph L. Genesi - 2006 BMW 745li

I have purchased 3 high end automobiles from AutoLinkUSA over the past 5 years with complete confidence. I have yet to find a dealer that carries the quality of cars at a price that is absolutely competitive. I've referred both friends and colleagues who have purchased as well and are completely satisfied. You will not find a more friendly, trusting and honest family in this business.

Dave Duley - 2006 Mercedes S-class

My experience dealing with AutoLink is unsurpassed - I have bought several cars from them over the years and don't ever plan to buy from a retail dealer again!

Tony Sellers - 2007 BMW 750li

AutoLinkUSA has provided me with outstanding vehicles for several years. Their honestry and excellent customer service are what keeps me returning to their showroom.

Richard Butler - 2006 Lexus LS430

I have purchased two beautiful cars from AutoLink and I could not be happier. Both vehicles continue to look and perform showroom new. The no pressure atmosphere combined with personal, knowledgeable service make searching and buying a vehicle here a pleasure.

David Whitfield - 2006 Lexus LS430

Dear Esther, Thank you so much for all you have done for me with the Lexus LS430 purchase. I want you to know that I really appreciate your accomodating my needs and desires. I can't thank you and Claude enough for taking the car over to Nalley Lexus to have the car inspected. You saved me a lot of time. Your customer service and attention to details has been top rated. I am looking forward to owning my first Lexus and will hopefully continue to purchase more cars from you in the future. I will also do my best to send you lots of referrals. All the Best!

Deborah Stanton - 2006 Audi Allroad

I have just bought my fourth luxury vehicle from Claude and Esther. Prior to meeting them, had you mentioned used car dealer, I would have run the other way. I can sincerely attest to their honesty and trustworthiness. Claude is especially skilled in choosing sound vehicles and Esther is always sure you are pleased in every way. I come to know them personally and can tell you, that these are two fine people, that deal with their customers as they do their friends....with integrity! Thanks for such a great car purchase once again.

David and Patricia Keller - 2006 Lexus GS430

Claude, Esther, & Patty, Thanks for the nice note. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed buying a car! The Lexus GS430 is doing great so far! Thanks for a pleasant car buying experience

Charlie Stroup - 2007 Jaguar XKR

Dear Claude and Esther, I just wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying my Jaguar XKR convertible that I bought from you a few weeks ago. Naturally a car that beautiful is getting rave review from all of my friends. We've even had a few days with the temperature in the 70's and I've been able to put the top down and experience the wind in my hair. This is the first car I've had with a navigation system and that is also very useful. The pleasant lady voice (which I've named Esther) always guides me perfectly to my location. Thanks again for the kind and professional way that you treated me. I've booked your website to my 'Favorites' list.

Joe Brown Jr. - 2007 Mercedes S550

Claude, Esther and Patty, I wanted to write this letter for you to use as reference material to any potential customers. I can not begin to praise the dedication shown by ALL three of you both before and after the sale. I experienced an absolutely pressure-free buying experience in purchasing my vehicle. This is a testament to your selling method because once I saw both the facility and the automobile, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I also want to throw a mention concerning your garage personnel who went out of his way to take care of me in your absence. However, it is the service and care after the check cleared that put you above any other buying experience. Upon running into title problems caused by my home state of Alabama (through no fault of your own), you steadfastly and promptly handled all my issues without hesitation. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime. I can not thank you enough and will surely return to your establishment again.

Donald Conrad - 2006 Lexus LS430

I found the entire buying experience outstanding - extensive, high quality and low mileage inventory, relaxed and comfortable viewing and road testing, and best of all a great price.

Gene Gilbert - 2007 Mercedes S550

As a long time repeat customer of AutoLinkUSA I have found them to deal in only the best late model, low mileage, clean CarFax luxury cars. You can generally save thousands of dollars purchasing these cars and still have the peace of mind that the cars are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. They keep a constantly upgraded inventory on hand and are a pleasure to deal with. You can buy with confidence at AutoLinkUSA as I have done for years."

Marc Ducloz - 2006 Mercedes E350

Dear AutoLink, I wish to thank you for finding me the car I always wanted. (Even the color!) I was impressed with your expertise, and it was a pleasure to deal with Esther. My Mercedes is like a brand new one with very low mileage, at the price I could afford. Thank you AutoLink!

Danny Floyd - 2006 Porsche 911

First let me say thanks for the Porsche transaction on this past Saturday. It was once more a pleasure to do business with you. The car is a dream come true & runs great. Thanks and best wishes.

Dan Baker - 2007 Lexus LS460

Claude, just wanted to thank you again for your help on purchasing the Lexus. I really enjoyed dealing with you. I will be my pleasure to recommand customers to you. Best wishes.

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